About Us

Al Shahbaa Computer is established in Dubai since 2007 as part of AL SHAHBA Group. We provide IT services including software, hardware, and network solutions. Initially our services were supporting the internal processes of the group. Solutions provided were related to the Tourism Industry in addition to the automation of the group core business.

In 2012, the company adapted a new strategy to externalize the services. With the help of our expertise and our personnel, we provide complex IT-Business Consulting services in addition to company initial portfolio that empower business growth by utilizing IT to serve the requirements in the most optimum way. We adapt different technologies that utilize the 3G Internet penetration opportunities in UAE, including PDAs, GPS Applications, Data Mining, and Business Intelligence.

The company right now has offices in Dubai and Sharjah in UAE and Amman in Jordan. Utilizing our portfolio, we successfully implemented and aligned “optimum” IT solutions that allow our personnel to efficiently and effectively manage the company remotely.